Rough differences of opinion in the grub am forst municipal council

Rough differences of opinion in the grub am forst municipal council

The resolution on the fire department requirements plan on the agenda did not come about at the youngest municipal council meeting in grub am forst. The requirements plan was merely acknowledged – and unanimously, despite all the differences of opinion that preceded it in the discussion.

The CSU was the loser in the debate. Their councillors helfried schreiner and gregor matthe stated at the outset that they would not approve the plan and argued that it was amateurish, lacked motivation, was flawed and flawed. The four-digit costs are in no way justified. In addition, the planned closures of the zeickhorn and rohrbach fire departments are completely unacceptable. The speakers from the CSU also shared the opinion of district fire chief manfred lorenz, who had hoped for more from the plan. These statements drove mayor jurgen wittmann (gfg) the anger red in the head: "I do not understand that, because everything was already discussed with the affected, also in the fractions, and found good", said wittmann and asked the question: "how is it supposed to continue??"

There was no answer to this. Wittmann said that it was a different story whether the financial expenditures from the fire department requirements plan were actually met.

Further differences of opinion

There was further wrangling about the cost increases for the renovation of the town hall and its barrier-free redesign. The cost increases had arisen due to additional macceptances decided by the municipal council at a later date. Planner knut weigerstorfer stated that the inspection had been completed, but he had to listen to accusations from the mayor. Local councillor andre dehler () spoke of additional costs in the amount of 160 000 euro. Wittmann then urged caution in the naming of figures – especially as the head of the company and the chamber officer responsible for drawing up the cost plan were not present and could not confirm or deny anything on their part. Wittmann justified the increase in costs by saying that completely unforeseen work had had to be carried out. Dehler wanted to know from the planner whether the sum, which exceeds the originally estimated cost of 300,000 euros, could also be claimed at 90 percent. An assurance was given that the government of upper franconia would be approached again, since, as dehler put it, the municipal share would not only be 30,000 euros, as originally planned, but around 190,000 euros.

Short& bundle

the closure of the local connection road grub – seidmannsdorf will be extended due to the current reorganization until the 30. September of this year.

The compensation for election helpers for the upcoming state and district elections was set at 50 euros for both the poll workers and the postal workers.

Wittmann thanked the free voters for organizing traffic helpers for schools during the excessive traffic due to the closure of the B 303. According to wittmann, 8000 vehicles passed through grub every day, the fastest of which reached 97 km/h.

A business expansion of the company unimatic at 18 rosengasse was approved.