Special commitment and special characteristics are required

Training the members of a negotiation group (VG) are intensively trained police officers who carry out this task voluntarily and in addition to their actual duties (kerstin frank is an investigating officer).

Teamwork the negotiating team is a group of specially trained officers for special tasks. It is always used when people find themselves in an exceptional psychological situation. The VG also looks after the victims and their families and always works as a team. In the event of an operation, the specialists are called up from the services or alerted in their free time.

Personality training varies from federal state to federal state. In bavaria, the central psychological service in munich trains police officers – in language skills and psychology, among other things. In addition to several years of professional experience, applicants must be extremely stress-resistant and have very good analytical skills. Members of the VG are nominated by their superiors and have to prove themselves in the selection process.