New nursing department: the excavator jerks up at the kurstift

New nursing department: the excavator jerks up at the Kurstift

Since the construction plans for the new nursing department at the kurstift had to be reworked for cost reasons, the tree removal could not start in the spring as originally planned. Now there is a lot of activity in the garden of the retirement home, which some residents watch with interest from their balconies.

Excavators and trucks are busy removing the topsoil and storing it on the other side of the kurstift. When the new building with 16 single rooms is completed, part of it will be reclaimed for the garden design, explained architect bernd heinrich. He emphasizes the ecological idea and refers to the fenced-in magnolia, which is to remain standing. "We want to take away as little as possible."

In total there is an excavation of over 10.000 cubic meters. A good part of it will be used for the terracing of the site. According to the chairman of the board, walter rundler, a meeting center could be created here, where the residents of the kurstift can play chess and bocce, and perhaps also improve their fitness on sports equipment such as leg and jerk trainers.

New fireless ring main
The architect planned around six weeks for this excavation work. Provided the weather plays along. Preparations are also underway for the installation of the fire ring pipe. The road behind the kurstift will be relocated, so that the ring main will also be completely rebuilt, says heinrich. It is old and made of gray cast iron and shows corresponding signs of wear.

Architect heinrich is confident that the project will be completed within the budget of four million euros and the time frame of one and a half years.As soon as the new nursing station is completed, a solar thermal system will be installed on the roof. The energy generated will be used to support the underfloor heating system, explained managing director karl junemann. This would be the fourth solar system on the house.

The first was built in 2001 on the south wall with a capacity of 40 kw. This energy will be fully fed into the grid of the bruckenau municipal utility, according to junemann. The second system, solar thermal, was built three years ago. It will provide hot water in the kurstift, from the kitchen to the swimming pool. The third facility went into operation four weeks ago. It was installed on the garage roofs and is also entirely for the company's own use.

Chairman rundler, architect heinrich and managing director junemann agree that all this not only helps to save energy, but also to protect the environment. In the meantime, the production costs for solar systems are about one-third lower than they were six years ago.