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A trio of women in the service of the lord

A trio of women in the service of the Lord

Karl-heinz hofmann kehlbach- their services are hardly noticed, but if something was missing during the service, every person attending the service would notice: in the marienkirche in kehlbach, a trio of women has been volunteering for decades. Regina welscher and her daughter marion buttner have been volunteering for the church in kehlbach for 50 years. Andrea kraus has been the altar server for two decades.

Long before the parish priest

What motivates mothers and grandmothers to get involved in the church?? The widowed regina welscher (mother of three children and grandmother of four grandchildren) has served as a sacristan in the marienkirche for over 20 years. Their daughter, marion buttner, has been a volunteer lector in the catholic church for over 30 years. The trio has one thing in common. It is busy in the sacristy and in the sanctuary with the preparations of the holy mass long before the beginning of the service and before the arrival of the pastor. Then regina welscher has to get the chasuble for the priest out of the closet and get it ready to wear. She also opens the gospel and the readings in the missal lectionary according to the liturgical cycle of the year and marks them with a bookmark.

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The move was a stroke of luck for the police in bad kissingen

The move was a stroke of luck for the police in Bad Kissingen

When the police officers of bad kissingen cleared out their desks in november 1995 and moved into the new office building in the former U.S. Barracks, there was not much nostalgia involved. It was easy to say goodbye, because the old building on the corner of erhardstrabe and landwehrstrabe was not only very cramped, but also in a structurally desolate condition. And so the police officers at that time were happy to finally receive more contemporary working conditions. Today, 25 years later, the head of the bad kissingen police department, stefan haschke, speaks of the forward-looking decision not to renovate the police building in the city, but to move it to the former barracks.

Bursting at the seams

Stefan haschke remembers the old police station building well from his time as a young police officer in the 1980s. The roof was leaking. "The roof trusses began to rot", it was also stated in a newspaper report in the saale newspaper in november 1995, shortly before the move to the new office building. The technology was from the old days "the wind whistles through the window cracks" wrote the newspaper at that time.

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Cancelled due to corona pandemic: no bullfighting in pamplona

cancelled due to corona pandemic: no bullfighting in pamplona

No summer bullfighting in pamplona: because of the corona crisis is on tuesday (21. April 2020) the "sanfermines" festival planned for july in the northern spanish city was cancelled. Since almost all other major events in 2020 have fallen victim to the virus, "of course, our beloved fiesta can not be an exception," shared the acting mayor ana elizalde. Part of the three million euros budgeted for the spectacle will now be used in the fight against the virus.

The folk festival made famous by the bullfighting fan ernest hemingway in his novel "fiesta" (1926) was to be celebrated by the 6. To 14. July will take place. The cancellation was a "difficult and sad decision," he said. Elizalde, however, did not want to exclude that the bull hunt could possibly be made up in september.

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London and brussel under time pressure after brexit

London and brussel under time pressure after brexit

After weeks of forced pause in the corona crisis, the european union and great britain are finally moving forward with clarifying their future trade relationship.

Both sides launched the first of three week-long rounds of negotiations via videoconference. Time is running out, as the brexit transition period ends at the end of the year. If no agreement is reached by then, there is a risk of a hard break with severe turbulence for the economy.

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Ukraine trip in corona time: wolfsburgers without understanding

ukraine trip in corona time: wolfsburgers without understanding

The plane that vfl wolfsburg never actually wanted to board took off for kiev on tuesday afternoon.

A european league game during the corona pandemic in ukraine: "I have no understanding for that," said midfielder maximilian arnold two days before the eighth-final rematch with shakhtjor donetsk, in which the vfl will play on wednesday (18.55 o’clock/DAZN) wants to make up for an almost five-month-old 1:2 deficit from the first game.

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Corona crisis hits amazon – quarterly profit doubles

Corona crisis hits amazon - quarterly profit doubles

Amazon has continued to benefit from the internet shopping boom in the midst of the pandemic. In the second quarter, sales shot up by 40 percent to 88.9 billion dollars (75.1 billion euros) compared to the previous year’s figure, as the group announced in seattle after the close of the US stock exchange.

The profit of the world’s largest online retailer was 5.2 billion dollars, roughly double the previous year’s figure. The results were considerably higher than the analysts’ forecasts, and the share price initially reacted with strong price increases. The fact that amazon, with its delivery services, is one of the major beneficiaries of the corona crisis had already become apparent in the previous quarter. In addition, the cloud business with IT services and storage space in the network continues to flourish, even if amazon’s flagship AWS has recently not quite been able to meet the high expectations.

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Intercropping – more than just an intercropping lottery ticket

Intercropping - more than just an intercropping lottery ticket

One year is still voluntary. From 2021, the cultivation of intercrops will also be compulsory in the district of kitzingen. This is what the new dung ordinance provides for. A certain uncertainty in the profession is therefore undeniable, confirms thomas karl from the office for agriculture, food and forestry (AELF) in kitzingen. But the insecurity is not necessary. The advantages, he said, far outweigh the disadvantages.

Konstantin rother agrees. Since 2017, the schwarzenau state farm has been a demonstration farm for the water framework directive. Sounds unwieldy, but it means that this is a particularly water-saving area of operation. "And this also includes the cultivation of catch crops," explains the administrator in charge of crop cultivation.

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