The cross is set

The cross is set

In the last two years, the newly gilded crowns on the repaired spires and roofs of the church st have gradually become more and more visible. Michael put back on. The last gold ornament, the cross of the saint’s grave chapel, has now been applied. Thus, all six crowns have been reassembled, the repair of the eleven roof structures of the former abbey church of st. Michael is completed, informs the city press office.

Since 2015, the federal program "national projects in urban development – future investment program" has been supporting other parts of the former monastery st. Michael restored. In addition to the renovation of several facades, an information center with a monastery store was built and the former abbey church was structurally repaired. In july, all work within the framework of the federal program can be successfully completed. All the objectives of the structural restoration of the church were achieved and completed within the extremely tight construction time of only three years specified by the federal program.

In addition to the work on the various roof structures, the first phase of the structural restoration of the abbey church involved the acceptance of safety measures on the vaults, necessary foundation improvements and structural safety measures on facades and walls. Accompanying restoration work on the plaster, the facings and the natural stone, as well as electrical and fire safety inspections, repair of parts of the drainage system and protection of the valuable furnishings and the organ were also part of this first construction phase.

The work in the church room had to be carried out with great care, as all the furnishings remained in the church in order to prevent damage due to climatic changes. The tight construction schedule demanded great commitment and extremely good cooperation from planners and contractors in order to carry out the difficult restoration work in the highest quality.

Further renovation work

Following completion of the structural repair work on the abbey church, further extensive renovation work will be required before the church can once again be opened to the public in all its glory. This will include the repair of all facades, windows, doors, necessary foundation improvements, work on the drainage system, as well as the repair of the entire interior shell and the overhaul of the equipment, organ and electrical system