Kulmbach high school students caricature teachers, parents and themselves

"Money is round and rolling away, but education remains!" this quote by heinrich heine was emblazoned as a reminiscence on the giant screen on the stage of the stammberger hall at the end of the "lehr".Piece betaversion2k18".

The contribution of the "eigen-sinn" theater group on the festive day of the marktgraf-georg-friedrich gymnasium: a panopticon of students, parents, teachers and other useful spirits of the school. It was a matter of individual quirks, secondary issues and the educational mandate.
The audience was amused on both evenings of the performance, not least because it cynically recognized itself and others – and documented this with repeated interjections of applause.

Theater is a serious subject

The performances were fast-paced, well-paced and showed that theater is a serious and challenging subject – far from some afternoon elective spab.

Its pedagogical value, however, did not even remotely preoccupy the schools. They had collected a vast amount of observations in the school business and pasted them together themselves into a collage. Caricaturing themselves, teachers, parents, and administration, if not actually portraying them. There were the schoolchildren themselves: the nerdy, the well-behaved, the slow-witted, the stressed and nervous. And the teachers: the overly accurate pedagogical administrator strictly following the curriculum, the overly committed and the cynical-arrogant one.

Nagging parents

There were the parents who leave their educational task to the school alone, who bicker at each other in the competition to see who has the smarter child, and those who drive their offspring to the educational institution for a state visit.

There was the teachers' conference, which is as human as any club meeting, and which deals with educational objectives such as keeping the toilets clean. School life, in which the secretariat plays a particularly varied role.

Dressed smartly, if not very smartly, they always try to represent the school to the outside world with friendliness, taking all possible and impossible calls, doing their paperwork diligently and properly – but also taking time out in between to just let the store run and keep fit with gymnastics for their further tasks. The schoolchildren got help from theater teacher bianka zeitler.