Cancelled due to corona pandemic: no bullfighting in pamplona

cancelled due to corona pandemic: no bullfighting in pamplona

No summer bullfighting in pamplona: because of the corona crisis is on tuesday (21. April 2020) the "sanfermines" festival planned for july in the northern spanish city was cancelled. Since almost all other major events in 2020 have fallen victim to the virus, "of course, our beloved fiesta can not be an exception," shared the acting mayor ana elizalde. Part of the three million euros budgeted for the spectacle will now be used in the fight against the virus.

The folk festival made famous by the bullfighting fan ernest hemingway in his novel "fiesta" (1926) was to be celebrated by the 6. To 14. July will take place. The cancellation was a "difficult and sad decision," he said. Elizalde, however, did not want to exclude that the bull hunt could possibly be made up in september.

Despite all the protests from animal welfare activists, the spectacle, in which bulls are driven over an 800-meter course into the arena, continues to enjoy great popularity – even among tourists. Many runners also take part in the race to test their courage. Again and again, participants are seriously injured. The last death occurred in 2009.