Free voters are in favor of an urban railroad and against the construction of a new town hall

Free voters are in favor of an urban railroad and against the construction of a new town hall

The free voters, who once belonged to the alliance of german hacker, the newly elected mayor twelve years ago, are becoming more and more distant. In its program for the municipal elections, the list is clearly confrontational in several points. The "lord of the manor of the city’s chief executive is a challenge for some of the 24 candidates.

It is a motley crew, which is found on the list of the free voters for the city council election. The individual subject areas are staffed with experts, says city councilor manfred welker, who is also running for mayor. In the press interview, he placed particular emphasis on the fact that the election program had been drawn up jointly, and that value was placed on working together. City council candidate dieter hahn put it this way: "we don’t just have a candidate for mayor, we have the whole cabinet to go with it."

The topics are divided into five main areas, and in at least three of them there is a clear distance to the mayor and his SPD, but also to the greens. Keyword traffic: here, the list advocates the reactivation of the aurachtalbahn instead of a city-circumferential railroad. And at the same time rejects the planned rough construction of the bypass. Keyword city administration: as far as the new construction of the town hall is concerned, the free voters are adamantly against it. Even now, at an advanced stage, they consider a construction stop possible. There are enough alternatives. Keyword city center: a coarser pedestrian zone is rejected, the city needs parking spaces.

Manfred horn is the transport expert for the free voters of herzogenaurach. He has long been dedicated to the aurach valley railway. Up to now, there has been no investigation into whether it has a chance of success. That is why the list now demands an independent, objective evaluation of the route as a suburban railroad. "Railroad lines are being reactivated everywhere", he says. "Only here it is a taboo subject."

Dieter hahn, a colleague on the list, criticizes the city’s regional railroad, which is to run around the city as a panorama railroad and would not do anything for schaeffler employees. But there were 45,000 jobs along the old railroad line to bruck, including the siemens campus, peter schaufler added.

The railroad should also be given priority over the street. In any case, they only want to support the bypass in the form of a vacher spange. Everything else would be destruction of nature.

Speaking of nature: the environment is also addressed in the program. Here, people would like to see more geothermal energy instead of natural gas and take up the idea of a burger bond.

Parking spaces are important

Keyword social issues: karlheinz schneider, a long-time vdk expert and equally experienced -ler, contributes his knowledge here. Affordable care places, an experienceable city center and more actions in the weihersbach pay as well as the demand for a burger foundation. This is the mainstay of manfred welker, who would like to rededicate the seelhausstiftung to this purpose. Wolfgang schoepe added that he could also imagine joining gewobau land.

Keyword downtown: here there is clear criticism of the city. Nothing has improved in the past twelve years, said birgit sub. "The politicians have turned the city into an empty zone in the first place." The business woman comes together with inge weib from the center of the city and rejects an expanded fubganger zone as demanded by the greens. Instead, parking spaces are needed, in the center as well as on parking decks on the outskirts, manfred welker said.

No one needs the countless pointless bicycle stands, dieter hahn noted, and neither do the flower boxes in the main street, which are long outdated in terms of design, as inge weib pointed out. Instead, there must be parking spaces for cars, preferably arranged in a slanted fashion, combined with a one-way system. And there is something else that worries the free voters: far too little is being done for young people. "It’s boring in the city center", claims student julia grob. Some things you have five times, like glasses or horgerate. Other missing, however, completely. Above all, the young woman wants a "nice cafe".

And then there’s the city’s biggest project, the new city hall. The free voters have a clear position on this: "stop the tree removals and examine sensible alternatives", the demand is. Even now, despite the fact that the construction is already in progress, it is still possible to stop it. "The hole", as peter schaufler from niederndorf described it, it was still possible to make good use of it. A cellar was used after all, and the lid was lifted.

What may sound a bit adventurous is underpinned with concrete proposals. So, as far as departments of the town hall are concerned, it was possible to use and build on the area of the clubhouse after all. In any case, the citizens should be involved in such major projects. At present it is so that the mayor alone can decide dominantly, because the said design majority "votes like a concrete block", as manfred horn stated. He became in the city council "once again a different political culture" wunsche and "talk openly and without taboos".