Tuesdays-dischli: sunscreen helps in the rain

tuesdays-dischli: sunscreen helps in the rain

A certain aggression is spreading among the dear fellow human beings. No wonder, the increasingly long winter, the cold and the lack of light leave their mark.

When on friday the heavy rain from dark clouds fell on large parts of the county, it was especially bad. It started early. A honk on the road. No reason, and yet everyone seemed to think they had to loudly put the other in his place. To this, squealing tires and fully turned up loudspeakers.

Even the own customers are not spared. The poor colleague in the office. A riot, because here and there in the constant rain one or the other newspaper got wet during delivery. A catastrophe that the colleague had to pay for.

Also on the phone it was one of those days when you wanted to send the inventor of telephony to the devil. All the complainants in the world had obviously agreed on something. One could almost become aggressive. But we know that the weather is to blame, the long winter, the darkness…

After all, where there is much shadow, there is also light. The colleague, for example, who with his age-old joke about the temperatures (why complain about the temperatures?)? It’s 20 degrees, ten in the morning and ten in the afternoon?) unexpected encouragement shone like the non-existent sun. And on facebook there is always at least one person who makes something out of the rough stuff, like this tip: summer is here, always put on lotion, then the rain will run off better. – congratulations to all those who can still laugh and not become aggressive.

The tuesdays-dischli, those are thoughts, picked up at the standing tables (french: dischli) in the kitzinger fubganger zone.