District fdp wants to keep the 10h-rule for wind energy

Adelheid zimmermann (FDP), a member of the district council of bad bruckenau, comments on the press report about the district party conference of the FDP and explains: the FDP parliamentary group voted 6:5 in favor of the motion of the greens in the bavarian state parliament to allow wind turbines within a distance of 800 meters from settlements. Adelheid zimmermann (FDP) could not let this stand. That’s why she proposed at the district party conference that the bavarian FDP should support the retention of the 10H regulation. The proposal was unanimously adopted at the district party conference in aschaffenburg, it further announces.

"As a society, we have to be careful that we don’t lose our landscape in the countryside because of the energy structures. That would be the loss of the pound, with which we could grow", says carpenter. With the building of new wind power plants a 800-m-distance of settlements could not be decisive, because otherwise impact sound would destroy each acceptance of wind turbines. However, the 800-m distance is still possible if the municipality draws up a development plan for planned wind turbines, explains ms. Zimmermann.

A repowering of old sites, with the use of storage, would offer an increase in efficiency of 400 percent and more (minus the energy used for storage).

Storage facilities are expensive and have to become more efficient, says the district councilor: "we can’t use space and landscape endlessly for storage facilities or wkas." .