Korber does not want to be told what to do

Korber does not want to be told what to do

In public discussions, it is either about the super-rich or about hartz IV recipients. The middle class is being punitively neglected, complains federal parliamentary direct candidate sebastian korber (FDP) from forchheim at a political pint at hofmannskeller.

In the current election campaign, merkel and schulz discussed what had gone wrong, although they themselves had had the opportunity to change it. Securing the pension alone would cost a three-digit billion sum. In the eyes of the free democrats, this is an undue burden for the children and grandchildren.

The FDP, korber points out, stands for self-responsibility and general liberalism. "I don’t want to be told which car to drive, whether I can eat meat or whether I can put a mushroom heater in the garden", says korber. And the FDP stands for clear announcements.

Liberal politics also means questioning things. Korber illustrates this with the example of the energy conservation ordinance. Although the thermal insulation of a house saves energy, it also means that everyone has several hundred liters of heating oil stuck to the facade. 4.5 liters of heating oil were needed to produce one square meter of styrofoam. Sustainability, says korber, looks different.

Government is the cost driver

In order to make building and living affordable again, says the trained architect, ancillary construction costs had to be lowered. No building child benefit would help, because that would be taken out of people’s pockets beforehand via taxes. A lunatic folly, criticizes korber. In view of constantly rising environmental standards, the state has become the number one cost driver in this area. Therefore, the FDP demands the abolition of the land acquisition tax for the first property and a reduction of the parking space statute. A home of one’s own is ultimately the best protection against poverty among the elderly and rising rents.

Korber calls for de-bureaucratization, more investment in digital infrastructure and education. It is the only raw material the federal republic has to offer. What is urgently needed here, however, is a reform of federalism in the education system. Only in this way could federal funds be made available for schools and other educational institutions. Korber sees the fact that the FDP sometimes votes with the greens, sometimes with the CSU and sometimes with the SPD as proof that the FDP has the right approach. After all, it’s all about the cause.
State leader albert duin criticizes: "the working hours ordinance of 1994 no longer fits our times. The people who govern us practice a planned economy 5.0." The customer sets the pace in the economy. This is ignored by CSU and SPD. "The bureaucracy is destroying us", the state chairman of the FDP.

The minimum wage has been abused to fill the social coffers, he said. Because from the euro more – from 7,50 to 8,50 – only 55 cent remained for the employee. But this extra euro costs employers 1.32 euros. "This means that the state keeps 77 cents for itself, rages duin. His conclusion: "the money is not going where it is supposed to go!"

Sheer nonsense

He describes the ordinance on minimum wage documentation requirements as sheer nonsense. Workers must be given the freedom to choose how much they work. "This law must go, demands duin, because it is a pure law of mistrust. It is unacceptable that a company is not allowed to employ someone beyond the regular working hours, but the employee is forced out and allowed to take a 45-euro job elsewhere.

Because the supplementary insurance that a company had taken out for its employees became subject to social security contributions, the employees have since had less net money in their pockets than before. The same applies to students whose studies are financed by their employers. This amount is also taxed and leads to a lower income than before.

No insurance

Duin also denounces bureaucratic proliferation. A pregnant woman on maternity leave receives only 13.50 euros from the health insurance fund. The rest must put the employer on it. On request, however, he is reimbursed for one hundred percent of these expenses by the health insurance fund. There is no accident insurance for those who want to complete a vocational internship. This can only be achieved by using tricks. The head of the state FDP also finds it incomprehensible that the long-term unemployed are allowed to be employed at lower wages than, for example, asylum seekers.

Duin calls for centralized assessment tasks in schools, as is customary in vocational training in the skilled trades. Laws were not allowed to be enacted reflexively for a long time, but had to be tested beforehand.

"The tighter we make the laws, the more we restrict ourselves", complains duin. Those who don’t want that and want to take responsibility for themselves would be well advised to go with the FDP.