District of forchheim: 23-year-old wants to defend city hall for the spd

district of forchheim: 23-year-old wants to defend city hall for the spd

Richard schmidt (23) was unanimously nominated by the hausen SPD as mayoral candidate for the 2020 municipal elections. The 16-member slate for the municipal elections was also unanimously nominated. In the crowded guest room of the "krone" inn the people of hausen voted on the candidates for the office of mayor and the municipal council.

The list

The SPD list: 1. Richard schmidt, 2. Gerlinde kraus, 3. Anita dennerlein, 4. Nadine zimmer, 5. Gertrud tinkl, 6. Silvia zimmer, 7. Matthias herbst, 8. Tancrede oswald, 9. Karin herbst, 10. Robert ackermann, 11. Hartmut gundermann, 12. Roland tischer, 13. Willfried meindl, 14. Nicoleta schmidt, 15. Benno kupfer, 16. Karin hedtfeld.

Richard schmidt pointed out that the hausen municipal council was often perceived by the public as being very quarrelsome and destructive, and that it was therefore not possible to win over many committed people to stand for election to this body. Nevertheless, he said, they had managed to draw up an election proposal that reflected the various living situations in the community, with all the worries and hardships that go with them.

In order to make the work of the municipal council more constructive in the future, he continued, the SPD wants to "promote a new culture of debate. We are ready to leave the past behind us. Let’s fight hard for the right course for our community, but let’s meet all discussion partners eye-to-eye on the basis of respect for the voluntary commitment of each individual council member!"

Officers of the SPD spoke

Gerd zimmer listed the many projects that were started during his term in office in his greeting. He regrets that due to his health situation he is not able to successfully complete those projects that are not yet finished.

Reiner buttner, the SPD’s candidate for county council, moderated the event and took the opportunity to thank gerd zimmer for his "outstanding commitment for the municipality of hausen and expressed his utmost respect for the work he has done. He also praised richard schmidt’s achievements, especially at such a young age.

On behalf of the jusos forchheim, district chairman paul wichtermann appealed to basic social democratic values and praised the fact that the SPD hausen gives young people the opportunity to play a role in shaping politics, even in the front row. He assured the jusos in hausen of the support of the jusos in forchheim in order to run a "young, modern and committed election campaign". Bettina drummer, deputy chairwoman of the SPD, said that a "great team" had been formed the young candidate with advice and support.

Election of the mayoral candidate

After gerd zimmer officially nominated richard schmidt as a candidate for mayor, schmidt thanked him again in detail: "the fact that I am standing here today, as chairman of the hausen SPD, and applying to run for mayor – just three years after joining the party – is largely thanks to you and your support", DECLARED schmidt.

In his speech, schmidt pointed out that he clearly represents the claim to defend the town hall of hausen for the social democrats: "the town hall of hausen is red and i will give everything to keep it that way"."

He sees it as a central task to expand hausen’s contribution to the fight against climate change in an accessible and effective manner. Savings potential identified by the energy utilization plan had to be tapped in all areas.

He went on to talk about the traffic turnaround, for which he wanted to strengthen public transport in the municipality – among other things, by means of bus stops that could be reached by everyone within a reasonable distance. In this way, he wants to expand hausen’s contribution to replace individual traffic with public transport that is faster, more comfortable and at the same time more favorable .

He believes it is just as important to demand solidarity-based housing models. He welcomes the district SPD’s initiative to set up a municipal housing association, as he sees a great need for affordable, rentable housing, especially in hausen. "We, the municipality of hausen, can take a pioneering position in the district of forchheim hand in hand with such a publicly owned housing company", announced schmidt.