Where the youth has something to say

Where the youth has something to say

The new chairmen of the youth parliament (jupa), axel just and anna barth, paid their inaugural visit to the mayor of upper franconia, florian janik (SPD). Rough introductions were not necessary, however, because just and barth entered their third term of office in november – both were elected to the jupa for the first time in 2014. The mayor congratulated the new chairmen on their re-election and on their election to the leadership of the body. It also wanted to know what the jupa might be dealing with.

"There are many topics. That’s why it’s good that we have – I believe – an ambitious jupa. Everyone is doing well. One of the topics is the bus prices of the VGN", second chairwoman barth reported. Janik was happy to take up the challenge "because this is an exciting and interesting, but also a complex topic. Because when it comes to pricing, there are various mechanisms and reasons at work. But i think it’s good that the jupa is dealing with these issues."

Just addressed the city partnerships. "We want to do something in this area, also with the new partner city bozen. Contacts with jena andwladimir already exist. So we are planning a joint action with the youth parliament of jena on the day of german unification in the fall. In addition, we intend to conclude an agreement with the youth parliament of vladimir regarding cooperation." The mayor of oberburg drew attention to the fact that the traditional celebration with jena on the day of german unification will take place this year in erlangen "and this year it is 30. Anniversary of the fall of the wall".

Other topics included the jupa’s participation in the international weeks against racism in march, public relations work, and the construction of sports halls in the city.

The next public meeting of the jupa will be held on monday, 18 october. February, in erlangen town hall (1. Floor, conference room117) together. Start is at 18 o’clock.Other fixed dates are 6. May, 22. July and 14. October; all sessions start at 6 p.M. Each day.