Where the community should act

Where the community should act

It was almost a one-man show by rolf kuhn at the burgers meeting in the sportheim. Under its motto "climate-free to overeat is in danger" he went after the second mayor werner hanke (upwg) with his notes written down on pages, but in an extremely matter-of-fact way. The latter had to stand in for the mayor, who had fallen ill.

Kuhn first denounced the "parking of trucks" on the square next to the school sports facility. "The space is gone", he said, because the trucks heavily damaged the surface. In addition, construction machinery also contributed to the disfigurement. A year ago, he had already pointed out this unsightly matter at the castle assembly, but nothing had been done, complained kuhn. The municipality does not prohibit parking, which is a failure that has negative consequences.

Kuhn’s next concern revolved around the associations. He said that the residents had been put under too much pressure, citing examples such as the fact that SV weidach had had to participate in repairs to the floodlight system and had had to purchase a lawn mower at its own expense. In other communities it was run differently. In addition werner hanke said: "what should a municipality still take on everything?? The clubs should not be so demanding."

On the condition of the village square in weitramsdorf, speaker kuhn said: "an eyesore." Hanke replied that planning was currently underway. The albrecht hall should be converted into a cultural hall, kuhn demanded, and denounced the renovation of the town hall and the new extension planning. The weidach school would have been a better solution for a town hall. Mr. Hanke said that considerable funds had been used for the redesign of the town hall, which had not been possible for the weidach school.

Schlieblich criticized rolf kuhn for the "catastrophic conditions at the recycling center", caused by too narrow passageways. The second mayor made it clear that he was also aware of this. "We just have these flat ones", he said. This should be discussed with the district administration office.

Other burgers nevertheless also had their say. The closure of the school street martina rudely described as a mess. "Here, residents’ rights take precedence over the well-being of the children", she said. Parents had to walk longer distances to school with their children during the driving ban. The proposal to park in the swimming pool parking lot was met with laughter. Hanke: "a school route concept will be drawn up with the involvement of the parents’ council."

Marion hummer complained that it stank from the sewers in neuseser weg, and tanja denninger asked for a skater park. After completion of the ASB tree inspections, the neuseser weg will be renovated, hanke announced, a road renovation concept will be drawn up and solutions will be sought for the kindergarten, which is bursting at the seams. At present one helps oneself with containers. Schlieblich ralf goer proposed to the meeting that the clubs should be exempt from rentals, including chair rentals. This request was accepted with 42 votes. Now the municipal council has to deal with the matter within a period of one quarter of a year.