Burgerforum: distrust is appropriate

To the report ",vote of no confidence’ against meyer" from 16. November and the letter to the editor "lost credibility" from 22. November thomas dorscht from the burgerforum ebermannstadt speaks up. Ebermannstadt city councillors from the CSU, young burgers and the MOG faction had criticized the mayor’s office in a letter to mayor christiane meyer (NLE).

Dorscht now makes the following statement: "on 16. July there was a town council meeting in the town hall, in this meeting was read by mrs. Meyer a letter from the former government president mr. Wenning. We, the citizens affected by the strabs (strabenausbaubeitragssatzung), were astonished when mrs. Meyer read out the passage that the retroactive introduction of the statute for ebermannstadt was ‘necessary and required’. Was regularly named by mrs. Meyer, among others, the government to enforce and justify the retroactive effect of the introduction of the strabs. As quickly as the letter had appeared in their folder, it had disappeared into it again. We, who were present at the meeting on 16. July present burgers, have this sentence definitely from the mouth of mrs. Meyer heard. The letter is now available to us, but what is strangely missing is the passage from mr. Wenning mentioned above. We, at any rate, can well understand the mistrust of the city councils."