Streaming service disney launched in germany

streaming service disney launched in germany

Netflix and co. Have a new strong rival in germany since tuesday: disney has launched its video streaming service.

Disney+ may initially have a much narrower programming lineup than its rugged competitors, but the entertainment giant is banking on the appeal of "star wars," the marvel comic book adaptations and its rich children’s lineup. Like other streaming services, disney+ will be running in europe in the coming weeks with somewhat reduced picture quality to relieve the networks in the coronavirus crisis.

With disney+, the group is risking a strategic turnaround: previously, it earned well from fees from other streaming platforms, where its content ran, as well as cable providers. But in view of the streaming boom, the recently departed company boss robert iger decided that disney would have to bring the content to users on its own initiative. This required massive investments in, among other things, streaming technology. With the service boasting few exclusive audience magnets at launch, such as the "star wars" series "the mandalorian," disney set the monthly price at 6.99 euros, below the level of its rough competitors.

Especially in the coronavirus crisis with closed schools and kindergartens and parents in the home office, content for children can be an attractive argument for a streaming service. The netausruster nokia found in an evaluation of data traffic last week that already on the first day of the restrictions, the netflix data volume increased by 9.00 a.M. Doubled. Amazon made a lot of content for kids available for free on its prime video service shortly before the launch of disney+.