Sports economist: “superstars continue to have rough value”

sports economist: 'superstars continue to have rough value'

"There will certainly be a dip for the time being," says sports economist christoph breuer of the german sports academy in koln to the deutsche presse-agentur. "Especially for players of the second row will probably not be paid for the first time the prices as recently."

The economic report of the german soccer league (DFL) shows a record 675.1 million euros in transfer fees for the bundesliga last season. At the 2. League, also with 18 clubs, it was 96.3 million euros.

Sports economist breuer believes that the prices for top players will probably not collapse that much: "the few superstars continue to have such a rough value for the top clubs that the demand from the financially strong clubs will remain high."For the top stars of the scene there is finally an international market. "These are often clubs with investors who can probably compensate for the financial crisis quite well," says breuer.

In view of the certain loss of revenue for the clubs, even in the event of the ghost games hoped for by the DFL in the currently interrupted season, the german professional clubs will also have to look for ways to cut costs. The squads could also become smaller. The clubs will think carefully about how many players they can field," predicts breuer.