“Densification in the inner area” with senior living in frankenstrabe

A facility for senior living is to be built in oberlauter. In its meeting on thursday, the municipal council decided to draw up the "frankenstrabe" development plan as a general residential area in the accelerated procedure. The first building to be constructed will be a three-story residential complex with 21 residential units with a gable roof and a height of just under twelve meters.

The total area of the planning area is 7200 square meters. Through the project, the area of a previously unused agricultural presence could be revived, explained community leader hans frieb. The project is a "densification in the inner area". The municipal council decided to initiate the urban land use planning procedure. Mayor kalb kolb described the home help service as an important institution for the care of the elderly and single citizens in need of support. He informed that from 1. January 2020 with the group liability insurance necessary for it the past own participation of 500 euro is omitted.

Kolb announced that the grant for the fiber optic connection in the middle school at lauterberg had been received at a cost of 17,800 euros. The demand is 80 percent. The operating contract for the information board at the savings bank is being requested.

Municipal councillor renate kotschenreuther asked for the installation of two suitable seats at the bus stop near weisheit. This is particularly appropriate for the elderly and people with walking aids. Mayor karl kolb said that this wish had already been expressed to him by the social association. "We will examine the request favorably", he explained.

Martin flohrschutz informed about a small celebration on the occasion of the opening of the wall 30 years ago, to which the gorsdorfer from thuringia had invited. It will start on 10. December at 6 p.M. In addition, on 15. December, 15.30 o’clock, a small christmas in his yard in tremersdorf with a small framework program will take place. Organizer is the association "the axe in the woods.

Norbert seitz reminded of the forest christmas in tiefenlauter on christmas eve at 6 p.M. "It will be interesting", he promised. Among other things, the spirituality had announced itself, and an "extremely coarse" brass band will provide the musical part of the event. He hoped that one could count again on numerous visits of the lautertaler families.

"A good year"

A very successful year in which, despite the change of mayor, "a lot was achieved", reminded second mayor martin rebhan. One can be proud of 2019, which was characterized by a good cooperation.

Rebhan thanked not only his council colleagues, but also the mayor, who had familiarized himself very well with his function, as well as for the excellent cooperation with the municipal administration. He hopes for a further good cooperation in lautertal and in the municipal council in the coming year "not with election campaign, but with election advertising". Mayor karl kolb also expressed his gratitude for the generous support he had always received, which had helped him to settle well into his tasks. Ah