Bindrim with wise words

It was a thankless task that gottfried bindrim, chairman of the schweinfurt soccer district, had been assigned at the special DFB award ceremony in hergolshausen: he had to say his greeting to the volunteers after the ceremonial address by jurgen pfau, chairman of the district of lower franconia. And actually everything had already been said.
But bindrim offered an ingeniously simple solution: he made a declaration of love to the honorary office itself: "you are the attentive eye, the watchful eye, the fingertip feeling that thinks of all those who are so easily overlooked and passed over", bindrim addressed the honorary office and the volunteers. He spoke of "the driving force and incentive for many good works", from the "good soul that has many names and faces." It was the shortest of the pit words, and yet nothing fit in because of all the estimation of value.
This was also expressed earlier by the honorary district commissioner edgar hedrich: "you are the real heroes, and you are worthy of being honored today", he had buried those to be honored in hergolshausen. Jurgen pfau emphasized the importance of volunteer work for the associations.
Without it an association, if it did not work under professional conditions, simply could not exist. He appealed to the politicians to provide the necessary infrastructure, because top-class sport is only possible "because the basis is created at the grassroots level".
The following people from the habberge district were honored for their voluntary work: erich barfub (TV konigsberg), helmut krug (FC kleinsteinach), claudia stark (FSV krum), norbert steinke (SC maroldsweisach), norbert schwinn (SV ostheim) and armin nikolaus (vfb humprechtshausen).