Speeders should be slowed down

Speeders should be slowed down

There was a lot of talk without a final result at the youngest meeting of the city council weismain. After the agreement on the costs of the youth center pins in altenkunstadt expired in 2017, the opinions about the further use due to very high financial contribution of the city of weismain are a complex issue.

Costs were discussed

In the resolution presented, it was planned that the city of weismain would only participate to a limited extent in terms of costs, which is why the city was responsible for 16 percent of the costs. In comparison, 23 percent for burgkunstadt and 61 percent for altenkunstadt. Until now, the three municipalities of altenkunstadt, burgkunstadt and weismain had each paid one third of the costs incurred. To cap had been provided per municipality at the beginning of 2016 10000 euro. Last year this could not be maintained and 11 238 euros were incurred. Janine brunecker (GUB/) was disappointed that not nearly as much was invested in the youth sector in weismain. Also, the attendance figures of the weismain youths are in a blatant disproportion to the use of the burgkunstadter and altekunstadter.
She spoke out in favor of contacting the other municipalities and the red cross as the sponsor and discussing how to continue. A problem is certainly also that the young people in weismain and on the jura are not so mobile to come to altenkunstadt. This was contradicted by hans popp (CSU). If young people want to get somewhere, they will get there. There is probably not enough interest from the young people of weismain. Michael muller (CSU) went one step further. He was of the opinion that it would be better to put the money into weismain clubs and demanded the termination of the participation in the youth club pins. Julia sporlein (CSU) suggested that the weismain playgrounds, which are supported by clubs, should then also be better financed. Jasmin schardt (die grunen) explained that one could not compare the two and saw the youth center pins itself as responsible for the mobilization of young people in weismain. With the reference that one hopes for further realizations in discussions with the neighboring communities, the point was postponed unanimously to one of the next meetings.

Application is supported

With 250 signatures was the request of the SCW obermain for an inner-local speed limit of the baiersdorfer strabe provided. Because motorists drive too fast here, dangerous situations repeatedly occur when crossing the road from the sports center to the training grounds. An attempt had already been made to install a crosswalk here, but this had been rejected by the district, according to second mayor hans schott (CSU). The possibility of putting up flower cubbies or thresholds (rudi duck (CSU) and janine brunecker (GUB/) was debated. However, the optimal solution would be to change the speed limit to 30 km/h in this area. The council agreed to support the application of the SCW obermain to improve traffic safety. Here a traffic inspection of the district building yard will be necessary to change something. Improvement suggestions of the circle building yard had to be implemented then zugig. Wolfgang bauer of the natural sciences faculty explained the agenda item on the exploration of geothermal energy for scientific purposes by means of 2-D seismics by the friedrich-alexander-university of erlangen. In a geoscientific research project, the possibility of using energy from the depths of the earth (geothermal energy) in upper franconia is to be investigated.
With the help of appropriate equipment, the soil is to be investigated at depths of up to 6000 meters. Vibration vehicles are used as the measuring method. Lowerable chute plates of the vehicles send vibrations underground. Their sound is passed on to a measuring vehicle.

Damage will be replaced

The weismain city council unanimously approved seismic measurements on the territory of the city of weismain. Underground pipelines, sensitive infrastructure, historical monuments and protected areas are taken into consideration. Should any damage occur, it will be compensated in full.