Apple starts selling new iphones

Apple starts selling new iphones

The sale of apples new iphone models started on friday with the usual queues in front of the stores and the delivery points. In front of the berlin apple store on kurfurstendamm there were about 300 people waiting in the early morning, in munich about twice that number. According to media reports, the first buyer in australia has been in line since thursday afternoon.

Online, the new top model iphone 5s was quickly out of stock, buyers were only promised delivery in october. The somewhat cheaper iphone 5c, on the other hand, was still available in one to three days. In the store, according to reports, the iphone 5s in the new color gold went particularly fast to the trough.
In tokyo there were even about 800 iphone fans in front of the store in the trendy ginza district. In china, where the new iphones were available for the first time on the first day, it remained quiet in the stores. Since there was turmoil two years ago when the iphone 4S was launched, buyers first have to register online. In the USA, long lines formed in front of the stores hours before they opened.

Buyers from other countries, where the phones will be launched later, came to germany as well. The first in line in berlin were a teenager from ukraine and his father, who drove 15 hours by car and held out in cold weather and occasional drizzle since thursday evening.

Apple launches two new iphone models at the same time for the first time. The more expensive iphone 5s looks just like the previous model, but has a much faster chip, an improved camera and a fingerprint scanner. The 100 euro cheaper iphone 5c got a home made of plastic. In the device is largely technology from the one year old iphone 5 to find.

Apple sells the plastic model at a much higher price than many experts had previously expected. Therefore, the industry is waiting with interest to see how rough the rush for the new iphones will be this time around. The previous sales record for an apple cell phone was set a year ago by the iphone 5, of which more than five million units were sold within three days.

Apple chief tim cook defended pricing policy at market launch. "We never had the goal of building a gunstig phone", he told the u.S. Magazine bloomberg businessweek. Apple is not interested in market share for cheap smartphones: "a large part of the market is always junk". We are not in the ramshackle business." Instead, cook wants to "like crazy" to fight for more demanding customers.

Meanwhile, the first security hole in the new operating system ios 7, which apple made available for the launch of the new iphones also for older devices, became known. It is possible to access photos from a locked device through the new control center with the most important settings, as a hobby security researcher found out. However, this requires several steps, does not work on all computers, and a user can easily block access to the control center. Apple confirmed to the tech blog "techcrunch the problem and wants to fix it with a software update.

The fingerprint recognition system in the top model iphone 5s gives hackers no peace of mind. While apple emphasizes that all data is absolutely secure, a prize has been offered on the internet for the person who can use the "touch ID" system could crack. Apple does not store the fingerprint in the device, but only a code generated from it. The company assures that no fingerprint can be reconstructed from it and the encrypted number combination is only valid on the one device.