One last chance remains for volkach’s women

One last chance remains for volkach's women

Dinner was served, but there was nothing to celebrate for the HSG volkach women’s handball team on saturday. After the women’s game, the HSG invited everyone to the end-of-season party in the foyer of the mainschleifenhalle. The manner were allowed there their remain in the bezirksoberliga begieben, and with spezi lieb themselves on the championship titles of three female youth teams anstoben. Blob the women did not feel like celebrating: they had lost in the regional league against SC schwabach with 21:24 (10:13).

The participants had different views on the course and outcome of the game. If schwabach coach marcus grubner had nothing to criticize about the referees, the people of volkach scolded them. "Look at the distribution of the time penalties and the seven meters, then you see that we were disadvantaged," said volkach coach marcus muller. The high point of the eight time penalties for the hosts came in the 56th minute. Minute, when the waldbuttelbrunn referees put out sophie kramer the third time and also imposed an additional time penalty on co-trainer christian liebenstein. Kramer’s exclusion was excessive and led to her disqualification, after which she ran out of the hall crying.

But with all understanding for the disappointment and criticism of the people of volkach: the referees were not kind to them, but to blame them for the defeat would only be half the truth. For the match report also showed other factors for the fact that it did not come to the liberation blow in the relegation fight. It took the hosts almost ten minutes to score their first goal, their goals were distributed among only six players, and sandra hammerlein and sophie kramer together scored half of all volkach’s goals.

Those who are awarded only two penalties in 60 minutes should not only criticize the referees, but also look at their own nose, because then they could not put the opponent under enough pressure. The women from schwabach love to run the ball safely through their own lines, and at the latest with the 10:4 lead after 20 minutes, the fronts were halay cleared. Volkach was behind for the entire game and only found a means to outplay schwabach in short phases.

"We were more stable in defense," noted guest coach marcus grubner. He refuted the previous assumption of his colleague from volkach that there was nothing more at stake for schwabach as the fifth in the table. "I demanded three wins from my team in the season-ending spurt in order to still snatch third place," said grubner, who, like marcus muller, was under power for 60 minutes.

Volkach came within reach of the visitors shortly after the break at 12:14, but it was never enough to equalize, even though HSG goalkeeper katharina knoppe was the best player on the pitch and kept on scorching away the opponent’s shots. Your teammates acted too timidly and predictably. The only moments of surprise were provided by the experienced sandra hammerlein, who shone as a passer as well as with eight goals as the most successful defender. Instead of getting even closer at 17:19, volkach traded up to 50. She conceded two more goals in the 17th minute to make it 17:21. In double shorthanded after kramers disqualification sandra hammerlein brought her team three and a half minutes before the end even up to 21:22. But schwabach had again the appropriate answer.

The volkach girls are still in a direct relegation spot, but since HSG pleichach and SV obertraubling also came away empty-handed on saturday, they will get one last chance on sunday. They are guests in obertraubling and could overtake the upper palatinate with a victory because of the direct comparison won, should pleichach lose in regensburg.

The statistics of the game

HSG volkach – SC schwabach 21:24 (10:13)

Volkach: bordlein, knoppe; wirsching, liebenstein, kimmel, landmann, sahlmuller, hammerlein 8/1, wagner 1, wagenhauser 3, schuster 2, scheller 3, kramer 4, werner.

Schwabach: klier, schneider; czoppan, rapke 3, walzlein 4/1, hausler 1, bludau 3, schlegl 2, schmidpeter 6/2, lehner 2, lubach 3/1.

Referee: munch/ohrlein (waldbuttelbrunn).

Time penalties: 14:0 minutes (3x kramer, 2x scheller, wagner, hammerlein).

Disqualification: kramer (volkach, 56., 3×2 minutes).

Seven-meter penalty: 2:5 (1:4 converted).

Feature film: 1:4 (11.), 4:9 (19.), 7:10 (25.), 10:13 (half-time); 12:16 (36.), 16:18 (45.), 18:22 (53.), 21:22 (57.), 21:24 (final score).