Scheherazade’s enlightened daughter can also do otherwise

Scheherazade's enlightened daughter can also do otherwise

Bamberg- the art is female and it is double good. Because women often have to be twice as good as their male counterparts beyond the kitchen, the hearth, and the nursing home if they want to be successful. Schamrock, the festival of female poets, which took place on thursday evening in the studio of the E.T.A.-hoffmann-theater really went off and on, delivers in bamberg already for the second time quite unpratentios the proof that women who go into the public are very often twice as good.

Because they have already passed the toughest survival test – the one against themselves. Men, as became clear after charming, witty, and cheeky opening remarks by intendant sybille broll-pape, festival initiator nora gomringer, and festival organizer augusta laar in the first artistic contribution by lara ermer: men don’t ask for long whether they are good enough for a task. At best, they can only get confirmation from the women around them.

Long process

Women, on the other hand, can do what they want once they have stood up for themselves. But that can take time.

And that scheherazade’s enlightened daughter does not want to speak only for herself, but also for her gender mates, became clear in all three verbal contributions of the evening. Who however clear language and clear word of lara ermer, fee and svenja grafen up to the end hartnackig did not want to understand, that was from the punk formation "the come and go-gos" powerfully heated up.

Festival organizer augusta laar heard these punk’n’roll ladies on B2-zundfunk radio, immediately fell in love with the voices and sound of marina, bekki and isa and invited the three women from bamberg to the ETA studio. "We are not used to our audience being seated", marina explains almost apologetically.

But when the punk takes off, it is clear why this is so. These three women belt out their songs in such a full, fierce, unadulterated and rhythmic way that it’s hard to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Actually, one would much rather storm the stage and move, move, move. If word gets out, the ETA’s studio stage, which was already too small this time, won’t be enough for another edition of the festival.

Female protagonists + reinforcement

The acclaimed start on thursday evening was followed on friday afternoon by a round of talks under the direction of nora gomringer on the topic of "interfering or political poetry today". The protagonists of the opening evening, lara ermer, fee and svenja grafen, have positioned themselves.

Mirela ivanova from bulgaria and oksana sabushko from ukraine, who joined the conversation, could tell you a thing or two about how necessary and dangerous interference is. Friday evening was filled with a performance by the current villa concordia scholarship holder antje vowinckel.

At 2 and 7 p.M

Today, saturday, starting at 2 p.M., the events "the nature of words" and "poetry for future" are scheduled?" In the ETA-treffbar on the program and in the evening from 19 o’clock in the ETA-studiobuhne readings and performances.