The move was a stroke of luck for the police in bad kissingen

The move was a stroke of luck for the police in Bad Kissingen

When the police officers of bad kissingen cleared out their desks in november 1995 and moved into the new office building in the former U.S. Barracks, there was not much nostalgia involved. It was easy to say goodbye, because the old building on the corner of erhardstrabe and landwehrstrabe was not only very cramped, but also in a structurally desolate condition. And so the police officers at that time were happy to finally receive more contemporary working conditions. Today, 25 years later, the head of the bad kissingen police department, stefan haschke, speaks of the forward-looking decision not to renovate the police building in the city, but to move it to the former barracks.

Bursting at the seams

Stefan haschke remembers the old police station building well from his time as a young police officer in the 1980s. The roof was leaking. "The roof trusses began to rot", it was also stated in a newspaper report in the saale newspaper in november 1995, shortly before the move to the new office building. The technology was from the old days "the wind whistles through the window cracks" wrote the newspaper at that time.

Looking back, stefan haschke also reports on the cramped conditions that prevailed in the building’s outer area. The service cars had to be parked one behind the other. The former station was bursting at the seams.

25 years ago, the conversion of the former u.S. Non-commissioned officers’ home into a modern police station cost 1.8 million marks. The money was well invested, even though the police had to make do with their proximity to the city center. In return, they got a faster connection to the traffic network of the inspection area and significantly more space, no less than 40 percent more.

Thanks to its coarseness, the building of the bad kissingen police department has a lot to offer that other departments do not have. Inside there is a small gym and also outside there is a sports area that the americans had already installed. Ideal conditions for on-duty sports, which are, after all, important, says stefan haschke. "Not every office has that.

Parking spaces a plus

"We are in the fortunate position of having a large space in relation to the number of employees", according to the head of inspection. The advantage is now becoming apparent in the corona pandemic. It is easier to keep a distance due to the coarser buros.

Space is also there to have the regional police recruitment advice on site. There are also training rooms.

Another advantage of the location in kasernenstrabe: parking spaces. The service vehicles have sufficient parking space. There is also plenty of parking space available for employees and visitors in the area around the barracks. This amenity female stefan haschke to appreciate.

Digitization a major topic

All this is still contemporary after 25 years. But in order to keep up with the times, something always has to be done in the old building. The police station in bad kissingen is no exception to this rule. "We have already completed the energy renovation", explains stefan haschke. Among other things, the windows were replaced and the roof was dammed. A rough topic already in the 2000s was the reconstruction of the adjoining building. So it’s no wonder that another 2.5 million euros have been invested in the property since the police station moved in 25 years ago.

Currently, digitalization is a major topic. Office by office must be brought up to date for this purpose. The squad area is also to be renovated, explains stefan haschke. Functional areas of the building also need to be adapted. The changing and sanitary area for the women has become too small. 25 years ago, when the inspection department moved to the barracks, there were far fewer women in the police force than there are today. Correspondingly little space was planned for female employees. That is why urgent improvements are now needed.

Infection control has been an issue for months because of corona. Plexiglass partition walls were installed where necessary to protect employees and visitors. Stefan haschke’s verdict is therefore positive all round. He speaks of a building with charm in which his colleagues also feel at home. "As the chief, I am pleased that we have a good working environment here.".