Geroda: rough visions for geroda

Geroda: rough visions for geroda

It hurts mayor alexander schneider (UWG) that the long-planned jubilee could not take place this summer. He announced at the time that it was going to be a big hit. For the gregarious 32-year-old, the past six months have been a difficult time. The regular droohteseldour, the fire department festival or the village jubilee, all had to be cancelled. "Time just goes by, it’s strange", says schneider thoughtfully.

Now the late summer is coming to an end. The district of geroda lies all the more idyllically in the valley, only a few meters away from the black mountains – an eldorado for athletes and nature lovers alike. This picture of his hometown makes the mayor euphoric. "I am a positive thinker and I want to make a difference in the community", he says.

Meeting for demand program

Since the beginning of september, meetings have again been held on the broad topic of village development. Schneider is particularly pleased about this. "Here, together with interested citizens, we are planning where the village should develop over the next 30 years, he explains the program, which is required through the office for rural development. About a year this preparatory phase lasts.

Project planning to be completed by the end of 2021. The market is getting support from an urban architect and a landscape architect. "They have to implement what we have worked out in the village community", says schneider. These include the planning of a new village community center, the design of public squares and commercial areas, especially for local businesses.

Plus point nature

One focus, that is already certain, will be the revitalization of tourism. "We have very little commercial space, but we have a good supply of hospitality facilities", schneider points out the actual state. A long cherished idea is a mobile home park with a natural swimming lake. In the end, however, "I’m happy with any goal, no matter how small, when it comes to the development of our village.

And the grants of the office are partly considerable. Construction work in the community interest could be claimed with up to 80 percent. "Geroda even has the opportunity to receive a particularly high rate of funding," he says, confirms joachim mair from the office for rural development. The state subsidy for private developers who want to preserve the village’s appearance is up to 35 percent per building.

For the mayor, one thing is clear: "community life and cohesion in the village are major plus points for village development". All citizens are invited to the next meeting in october.

As far as the current situation is concerned, schneider has a clear opinion: club life must now go on again within a certain framework. Currently the mayor is working on the planning for the christmas market. "Yes, we must learn to deal with the virus. But it is immensely important for the people that things are now moving on again," confirms, he says emphatically.

Where is the community heading?

From the end of 2021, private and public construction and conservation projects can be submitted for approval. Up to 80 percent is required for public acceptance, and home and farm owners receive up to 35 percent per building.

Focus on a natural swimming lake for geroda, construction of further tourist facilities, common commercial space for local businesses, redevelopment of vacant properties and housing for senior citizens are the main focuses of the working groups.