You can now fill up with electricity in hebdorf

You can now fill up with electricity in hebdorf

The municipality of hebdorf makes mobile – electromobile. Two charging stations, one at the parking lot opposite the cemetery in hannberg, the other at the parking lot of the community center in hebdorf, are now available to drivers of electric cars.

Financed with funds from the federal program for the demand of e-charging columns, the two new e-charging columns should help to familiarize the citizens of the community with the future topic "E-mobility" familiarize. The two charging columns were erected by bayernwerk.

With the public charging stations in the municipal area, we are setting a trend-setting sign for more electromobility. The expansion of the charging infrastructure is a decisive step towards increasing people’s confidence in electromobility and increasing acceptance", bayernwerk municipal manager ralf schwarz explained at the commissioning in hannberg.

We are convinced that the electric motor will play an important role in local transport planning in the future", mayor horst rehder is sure of it. For the breakthrough of electromobility, however, a flat-covering charging structure is still necessary, ralf schwarz added.

The municipal advisor schwarz arrived with a renault zoe electric car and pointed out that bayernwerk itself is committed to electromobility and has expanded its fleet by 28 electric cars. In addition, the utility is currently installing public charging points with several charging points at its network centers and administrative buildings.

The two charging stations in hebdorf and hannberg are "AC charging stations pro" with two charging points each with a maximum charging capacity of 22 kilowatts. "The charging points offer everyone the opportunity to charge an electric car without barriers", ralf schwarz explained. This means that the two charging stations are always open to the public and can be used by everyone. Hans holling from grobenseebach was the first customer to demonstrate how easy it is to charge an electric car at the official opening ceremony. In the next few days, appropriate markings will be placed in front of the charging stations and the site will be marked with a sign.

Any charging card from an electromobility provider that belongs to "hubject" is accepted at the two charging stations-charging network. Billing is carried out accordingly via the respective electromobility provider. In addition, there is a direct charging option without separate registration (ad-hoc charging) with the help of a smartphone: simply scan the QR code displayed on the charging pole with the smartphone, select the charging point and charge the electric car. Before charging begins, users can always see the valid price for the corresponding charging process. Billing is done via EC or credit card. Another option is charging with the help of the "E.ON-drive"-app: first the charging point must be selected. The price is displayed before the charging process begins. Subsequently, the customer is billed by entering his or her personal credit card details. Mayor rehder pointed out that further payment options are in preparation.

The construction of the two charging posts cost just under 18,000 euros, with the municipality receiving demand funds of around 9,000 euros from the federal program to demand e-charging posts.