Running and planting

Running and planting

Point at 14.12 o’clock it started. Herzogenaurach’s mayor german hacker (SPD) gives the starting signal for the more than 360 people waiting to get into the sports club herzogenaurach nord.

Running and cycling for "mother earth, an idea that appeals to the participants. And an idea that appeals to more and more participants. Last year there were 120 participants, so this year there is almost a threefold increase in the number of participants. These started neither for money nor recorded or victory-drunk ehr’ on the 6.1 kilometer long round respectively 3.6 kilometer loop. Those who had made their way past the reuthersweiher pond or over the birkenbuhl forest trail were fronted by idealism and a good idea.

Natascha, a trainee at puma, thinks winning is not decisive. "I like to demonstrate that I think earth day is good. We think far too seldom about the consequences of our actions, today is the opportunity." Birke from adidas agrees with her: "that’s why we were willing to pay a ten euro participation fee."

The starting fee of ten euros, however, did not remain in the hands of the organizers. Money donated for planting a meadow orchard. Birke and natascha agreed: "we see immediately what happens with our money." Because directly after the run, about 20 fruit trees, under the expert guidance of the city’s gardeners, were planted on the plot of the old game preserve. This area had been lying fallow for some time and was threatening to go to seed; now a colorful flowering orchard is to be created that will not only provide a habitat for plants and animals, but will also invite walkers to linger.

But admittedly: besides the good feeling there was of course a little something for the cycling and running participants. An "earth day t-shirt, the day and the tour remembered, pretzels to taste and drinks to regain strength. Of course from a bakery in herzogenaurach and a brewery in herzogenaurach to demonstrate that the choice of regionally produced food also contributes to climate protection.

What remains of sustainability? In any case, the meadow orchard and with one or the other a little sore muscles, but worth it. After all, it’s about mother earth. And it is expected to continue for a long time!