Spd honors loyal members roland braun and peter lauterbach

Spd honors loyal members roland braun and peter lauterbach

A review of party activities in the SPD local association was the focus of the main meeting in the clubhouse of TV schwurbitz. The awards were also presented to long-serving and deserving party members who have remained loyal to their political convictions over the decades.

Honored with merits

Chairman peter fack summed up that the election meetings, many held together with the michelau SPD local association, had been very well received by the people. The local population also used the information booths and site visits to talk to the mandate holders and to pass on their own suggestions to the municipal councillors of the SPD parliamentary group. Two party friends were honored who have remained loyal to the SPD local association in schwurbitz for decades. Chairman fack first addressed roland braun, who could look back on 25 years of party membership and was elected on 1 january 2008. January 1996 had been succeeded to the municipal council. He was a member of the administrative committee for many years before he was elected faction spokesman for his party in 2014 and has since also been a member of the municipal building committee. In addition, roland braun has been involved in many associations and voluntary activities.

The time of the bet trust

The second jubilarian, peter lauterbach, who had originally moved from the weidnitz district of burgkunstadt, was also able to recall his political past, which began 40 years ago in the local SPD association in burgkunstadt. It was marked by environmental destruction and the betting frenzy, which is why many initiatives and movements made an attempt to fight back.

Lauterbach also witnessed the collapse of the social-liberal coalition. After lauterbach moved his residence to schwurbitz, he joined the local SPD association here and took over the office of treasurer in 1994.

Chairman peter fack thanked both party members for their work in the local association, which they had always carried out reliably for decades, thus standing up for the fellow citizens of their home community. Fack presented the jubilarians with honorary pins and awards from the federal party as well as a present from the schwurbitz local association.

These congratulations to two deserving party friends were also echoed by SPD district chairman sebastian muller and the chairman of the michelau SPD local association, jurgen spitzenberger.