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Smoke closure for the breitenbach-mitgenfeld fire department

Smoke closure for the breitenbach-mitgenfeld fire department

Firefighters aim to cause as little damage as possible during the firefight. A project of the bavarian chamber of insurance is also aimed at this: it is currently equipping numerous fire departments with a so-called mobile smoke seal. With this system, the fire departments can prevent smoke from spreading into buildings and causing damage.
Firefighters usually use the stairwell for firefighting operations in multi-story buildings. There is a danger that the necessary opening of doors will endanger the most important escape route for fleeing people due to the spread of smoke. With a mobile smoke closure, smoke-free stairwells can be ensured as a rescue route for self-rescue and rescue by others, smoke poisoning can be avoided, critical emergency situations can be defused and extensive property damage can be prevented.
Another advantage, according to the chamber of insurance, is that the danger posed to the players by possible flames when opening doors is significantly reduced.
Since 2008, the chamber of insurance has distributed more than 2700 mobile smoke detectors throughout bavaria, according to its own information. With a stick price of more than 450 euros, more than one million euros has already been invested in additional security.
Now a representative of the chamber of insurance also presented the two commanders of the breitenbach-mitgenfeld volunteer fire department with a mobile smoke trap. Second mayor karl ziegler from the municipality of oberleichtersbach thanked mrs. Seubert from the chamber of insurance for the generous donation and wished the commandant michael greger and his deputy holger borner many exercises, but few uses with the mobile smoke trap.

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“The whole village laughs at it”: no solution in the dispute over bird droppings in bavaria

The maypole of an allgau municipality leads to excessive bird droppings on the neighboring property? Because of a lawsuit filed by a resident against the municipality of altusried in bavaria, the kempten district court has been dealing with this question for months. But the proceedings have stalled: the court has so far been unable to find an expert to investigate the case in altusried.

Actually, a research institute had already named an expert for the investigation to the kempten district court months ago, a court spokesman said. In the end, however, the latter had stated that "as a matter of principle, he does not issue expert opinions". In response, the court asked again in mid-september to propose an expert – but until friday without a response from the research institute, said the court spokesman.

Maypole dispute: "the whole village laughs at it

A good negotiation in the dispute over the altusried maypole failed in the spring, according to the court. According to the will of the community, the maypole, which is about 27 meters high, is to be moved to the redesigned market square in the coming years anyway. The prospect of this, however, had not been able to deter the resident of the current site from filing a complaint.

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Tuesdays-dischli: sunscreen helps in the rain

tuesdays-dischli: sunscreen helps in the rain

A certain aggression is spreading among the dear fellow human beings. No wonder, the increasingly long winter, the cold and the lack of light leave their mark.

When on friday the heavy rain from dark clouds fell on large parts of the county, it was especially bad. It started early. A honk on the road. No reason, and yet everyone seemed to think they had to loudly put the other in his place. To this, squealing tires and fully turned up loudspeakers.

Even the own customers are not spared. The poor colleague in the office. A riot, because here and there in the constant rain one or the other newspaper got wet during delivery. A catastrophe that the colleague had to pay for.

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Fight against the plastic gull: brussel plans bans

fight against the plastic gull: brussel plans bans

In the fight against plastic gauze, the EU commission’s planned ban on individual products such as plastic tableware or straws falls short in the eyes of the greens.

Systematic collection and recycling of waste is the only way to help, european parliament member martin hausling told the german press agency. EU budget commissioner gunther oettinger confirmed his plan for a levy on non-recycled plastic waste.

On monday, the commission will present, in oettinger’s words, "a list of dispensable products that could actually be banned". The draft directive has already been known unofficially for several weeks. Accordingly, the banned list includes plastic tableware and cutlery, straws, cotton swabs and balloon holders.

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Garitz awaits munnerstadt for top match

Garitz awaits munnerstadt for top match

TSV muhlhausen/schraudenbach – SV rot-weib obererthal: SV obererthal (18) came away empty-handed./8) out on double match day last week. After the 0:3 home defeat against TSV bad konigshofen, the leiber-truppe also had to give in to SV garitz (1:2) and now travels to TSV muhlhausen/schraudenbach (6./41), another top team of the bezirksliga. For michael leiber it is even the team of the ruckrunde, from the last ten encounters the troop of coach elmar drenkard got proud 22 points. "We will try to play fubball again in muhlhausen and spoil their soup", the coach from obererthal has not lost faith in his team, even though the personnel situation does not bode well. So andreas graup as well as benny and flo hofbauer are professionally or. Due to studies not in the game, andre fub, oliver graup and marcel schmitt are injured.

FC fuchsstadt – FC strahlen: after missing out on big points in the 4-2 defeat in guntersleben, FC fuchsstadt (8./40) against FC strahlungen (16./23) a home treble. In any case, coach marius kubo is confident that the. "We must build on the performance of the game against rottendorf (3:2) or the first half hour in guntersleben and pay attention to strahlungens spielertrainer jurgen hein." In guntersleben his team played strong at the beginning, but missed the decision, so that the home side could equalize before the break with a double strike and took the air out of the fuschtern in the second half. "We couldn’t do anything against them, conceding goals too easily put us off our stride", the fox coach sees a shortcoming. And kubo notes that five games in twelve days, including the cup, are borderline. "We have already used 26 players this season, the constant changes do not do the game any good."

SV riedenberg – vfl euerbach: "it’s good that the team has seen that it can still score", could charly storch with the 1:1 of his SV riedenberg (12./29) in strahlungen live quite well and would like now naturally at home against vfl euerbach (14./28) would like to add a three-pointer. But storch is aware that fubball is not a wish concert. "We are in a difficult situation, of course we want to win, but at the moment we are simply not in a position in terms of personnel to say we’ll beat them. You can’t expect too much in our environment." After thomas vorndran and christoph dorn, max schultheib, daniel dorn and stefan schneider were injured during the 0:3 defeat in gochsheim. "Sensible training is difficult at the moment. We still have eleven healthy players and must fall back on three players from the reserve against euerbach."

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Volkach wants to make it with hammerlein’s help

volkach wants to make it with hammerlein's help

Two handball teams from the district of kitzingen are playing in the women’s landesliga nord this season, and both are meeting each other directly at the start of the second half of the season, as they did on the first matchday: promoted HSG volkach is expecting HSG mainfranken, which is playing its fourth season in this division after its relegation from the bavarian league in the past.

When the two faced off for the first time in mid-september, the district derby in the sickergrundhalle in kitzingen ended without a winner. Although the hosts were in the lead for almost the entire game, they failed to maintain an interim four-goal advantage. After the change of sides, the two teams engaged in an open and exciting exchange of blows that resulted in a 22:22 score after one hour.

With three undefeated games, mainfranken got off to a promising start. Failures on the one hand and the lack of experience of a very young team on the other hand prevented a better performance in the following weeks. So after the winter break, the team coached by stefanie placht is in ninth place with 11:15 points, while volkach is lurking in twelfth place with 10:16 points, just one place behind it. A win in the ruckspiel in the home mainschleifenhalle, and volkach stand above their local rivals in the standings for the first time this season. Both could achieve a better ranking with a more successful ruck round: the league has split in the meantime, and even the fifth with 13:13 points has to look down in the wide and tight competition.

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