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Running and planting

Running and planting

Point at 14.12 o’clock it started. Herzogenaurach’s mayor german hacker (SPD) gives the starting signal for the more than 360 people waiting to get into the sports club herzogenaurach nord.

Running and cycling for "mother earth, an idea that appeals to the participants. And an idea that appeals to more and more participants. Last year there were 120 participants, so this year there is almost a threefold increase in the number of participants. These started neither for money nor recorded or victory-drunk ehr’ on the 6.1 kilometer long round respectively 3.6 kilometer loop. Those who had made their way past the reuthersweiher pond or over the birkenbuhl forest trail were fronted by idealism and a good idea.

Natascha, a trainee at puma, thinks winning is not decisive. "I like to demonstrate that I think earth day is good. We think far too seldom about the consequences of our actions, today is the opportunity." Birke from adidas agrees with her: "that’s why we were willing to pay a ten euro participation fee."

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Residents demand: “be diligent, drive three times as fast as possible!”

Residents demand: 'be diligent, drive three times as fast as possible!'

A dozen or so neighbors gathered on tuesday morning in the okosiedlung at cherbonhof. They are united by the desire for more safety in nearby caspersmeyerstrasse, where the speed limit is actually 30 km/h. "I have been overtaken here while driving exactly the speed limit", inge buhl complains. And friederike neundorfer describes dicey situations when her children want to cross the street: "when someone arrives at 60, they can no longer make it across the street and have to stop in the middle." Hiltrud huhn and her 80-year-old husband feel the same way.

Residents paint posters

They all want to take part in an action day in caspersmeyerstrabe, which is to take place on the initiative of ralf neundorfer on saturday from 10 a.M. Onwards. "We will stand at the edge of the road with posters that read, for example: "be diligent, drive three times as fast as possible."

This is intended to sensitize motorists. And those who still step on the gas will be asked to pay more often. Accordingly, residents are calling for more speed checks. "We have an enforcement deficit here", says christian irmisch. The chairman of the "bewahrt die bergstadt" association wants to carry out speed measurements on the action day itself. Among other things, he points to the nearby kindergarten and the many senior citizens who live here. And he could well imagine a traffic-calmed area in caspersmeyerstrabe.

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Speeders should be slowed down

Speeders should be slowed down

There was a lot of talk without a final result at the youngest meeting of the city council weismain. After the agreement on the costs of the youth center pins in altenkunstadt expired in 2017, the opinions about the further use due to very high financial contribution of the city of weismain are a complex issue.

Costs were discussed

In the resolution presented, it was planned that the city of weismain would only participate to a limited extent in terms of costs, which is why the city was responsible for 16 percent of the costs. In comparison, 23 percent for burgkunstadt and 61 percent for altenkunstadt. Until now, the three municipalities of altenkunstadt, burgkunstadt and weismain had each paid one third of the costs incurred. To cap had been provided per municipality at the beginning of 2016 10000 euro. Last year this could not be maintained and 11 238 euros were incurred. Janine brunecker (GUB/) was disappointed that not nearly as much was invested in the youth sector in weismain. Also, the attendance figures of the weismain youths are in a blatant disproportion to the use of the burgkunstadter and altekunstadter.
She spoke out in favor of contacting the other municipalities and the red cross as the sponsor and discussing how to continue. A problem is certainly also that the young people in weismain and on the jura are not so mobile to come to altenkunstadt. This was contradicted by hans popp (CSU). If young people want to get somewhere, they will get there. There is probably not enough interest from the young people of weismain. Michael muller (CSU) went one step further. He was of the opinion that it would be better to put the money into weismain clubs and demanded the termination of the participation in the youth club pins. Julia sporlein (CSU) suggested that the weismain playgrounds, which are supported by clubs, should then also be better financed. Jasmin schardt (die grunen) explained that one could not compare the two and saw the youth center pins itself as responsible for the mobilization of young people in weismain. With the reference that one hopes for further realizations in discussions with the neighboring communities, the point was postponed unanimously to one of the next meetings.

Application is supported

With 250 signatures was the request of the SCW obermain for an inner-local speed limit of the baiersdorfer strabe provided. Because motorists drive too fast here, dangerous situations repeatedly occur when crossing the road from the sports center to the training grounds. An attempt had already been made to install a crosswalk here, but this had been rejected by the district, according to second mayor hans schott (CSU). The possibility of putting up flower cubbies or thresholds (rudi duck (CSU) and janine brunecker (GUB/) was debated. However, the optimal solution would be to change the speed limit to 30 km/h in this area. The council agreed to support the application of the SCW obermain to improve traffic safety. Here a traffic inspection of the district building yard will be necessary to change something. Improvement suggestions of the circle building yard had to be implemented then zugig. Wolfgang bauer of the natural sciences faculty explained the agenda item on the exploration of geothermal energy for scientific purposes by means of 2-D seismics by the friedrich-alexander-university of erlangen. In a geoscientific research project, the possibility of using energy from the depths of the earth (geothermal energy) in upper franconia is to be investigated.
With the help of appropriate equipment, the soil is to be investigated at depths of up to 6000 meters. Vibration vehicles are used as the measuring method. Lowerable chute plates of the vehicles send vibrations underground. Their sound is passed on to a measuring vehicle.

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Amnesty: booking corsairs violate palastinians’ rights

Amnesty: booking corsairs violate palastinians' rights

Human rights organization amnesty international has accused four online booking agencies of violating palastinians’ rights by offering services in israeli settlements. Amnesty explicitly named airbnb, booking.Com, expedia and tripadvisor.

"They claim human rights violations of palastinians by listing hundreds of rooms and activities in israeli settlements on occupied palastinian land, including east jerusalem," read the statement released on wednesday.

Israeli strategic affairs minister gilad erdan to take action against amnesty international staff in light of report. He had instructed his ministry to look into the possibility of banning them from entering israel and staying in the country. He had already asked the minister of finance a few weeks ago to cancel tax subsidies for the organization. "I will not allow harming the israeli burghers who live in judaa and samaria (west bank) and on the golan heights and in jerusalem," said erdan.

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10.1 Million people in companies are on short-time work

10.1 million people in companies are on short-time work

The federal employment agency is sitting on a gigantic pile of money: 26 billion euros is the reserve that the agency in nurnberg has accumulated over the past few years.

And even this thick financial cushion will probably not be enough to combat the consequences of the corona crisis on the german labor market. What the chairman of the federal employment agency, detlef scheele, had to announce makes the impact of the crisis on the economy abundantly clear. Unemployment is on the rise, short-time allowances are rising exponentially to "unimaginable levels," and the number of new jobs is plummeting – scheele summarized the negative figures right at the beginning.

751.000 companies had registered short-time work for 10.14 million people by the end of april. Far more than economists had forecast. "That's a number that also left us a bit breathless," said scheele. But behind these 10.14 million names are people whose jobs will be preserved," he says.

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Eu agrees on austerity pact – trouble for greece

Eu agrees on austerity pact - trouble for greece

Chancellor angela merkel (CDU) was thus able to push through her most important demands. She was heavily criticized for the demand from germany for a "savings commissioner" for greece, but only gave in in her choice of words.

In their intergovernmental fiscal compact, the 25 countries pledge to save money and introduce a debt brake based on the german model. States accept tougher EU budget controls and tougher penalties against defaulters.

According to the current schedule, the treaty is to be signed in march and must then be approved (ratified) in the member states. Germany in particular had insisted on the new pact.

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The earth house in glashutten is more effective than a passive house

The earth house in glashutten is more effective than a passive house

The driver of the low-loader was puzzled: he was supposed to deliver ten curved precast concrete parts, each one a meter and a half wide and weighing 16 tons. Right here, on the edge of glashutten, a little village of 1400 souls in the district of bayreuth. But where was the corresponding bridge construction site for this?? Werner leykam was able to enlighten the helpless searcher: he was spot on with his freight, but the carriers were destined for a residential building. What do you mean? Ten concrete giants for a family home?

Of course not for just any house. At this object, which stands like a mirage behind the abandoned restaurant "zum hirschen from the boschung rises, many things are unusual. It not only exceeds some building standards (and thus official requirements), but was also allowed to be unique in france.

For werner leykam, his wife claudia and their children tamara and joshua recently moved into a 240-square-meter house on the ground floor. The builder dug himself five meters deep into the ground. "Others spread their excavated material in the garden or have it picked up for expensive money – we simply put the tens of cubic meters on the roof." The self-employed car mechanic, whose workshop is only a screwdriver's throw away, points upwards. The crumbly layer is spread over a height of 80 centimeters; the supporting structure is protected by several layers of drainage made of styrofoam, fleece and lava chippings. "I did not know a better damming", says leykam "and it bleeds, too." Still only grass grows over the thing, in the next year it should be flowers.

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