Residents demand: “be diligent, drive three times as fast as possible!”

Residents demand: 'be diligent, drive three times as fast as possible!'

A dozen or so neighbors gathered on tuesday morning in the okosiedlung at cherbonhof. They are united by the desire for more safety in nearby caspersmeyerstrasse, where the speed limit is actually 30 km/h. "I have been overtaken here while driving exactly the speed limit", inge buhl complains. And friederike neundorfer describes dicey situations when her children want to cross the street: "when someone arrives at 60, they can no longer make it across the street and have to stop in the middle." Hiltrud huhn and her 80-year-old husband feel the same way.

Residents paint posters

They all want to take part in an action day in caspersmeyerstrabe, which is to take place on the initiative of ralf neundorfer on saturday from 10 a.M. Onwards. "We will stand at the edge of the road with posters that read, for example: "be diligent, drive three times as fast as possible."

This is intended to sensitize motorists. And those who still step on the gas will be asked to pay more often. Accordingly, residents are calling for more speed checks. "We have an enforcement deficit here", says christian irmisch. The chairman of the "bewahrt die bergstadt" association wants to carry out speed measurements on the action day itself. Among other things, he points to the nearby kindergarten and the many senior citizens who live here. And he could well imagine a traffic-calmed area in caspersmeyerstrabe.

But at least a crosswalk, as some residents would like to see between the rewe market and the bus stop. But ralf neundorfer did not get anywhere with a request to that effect in the city’s civic dialog. "It’s all difficult, he said. Nothing could be done."

As the police and the city made clear in response to our inquiry, in order to set up a crosswalk, you have to comply with the "guidelines for the construction of crosswalks" the basis. "This demands, for example, a certain traffic volume in terms of pedestrians and cars per hour and sufficient lighting", explains ines schellmann, traffic officer at the bamberg city police department.

"The speed limit in caspersmayerstrabe is 30 km/h, and there is already a crossing aid in the immediate vicinity of the cherbonhof bus stop, explains steffen schutzwohl from the city press office. That’s why another traffic lane is not necessary – and the money for constructional changes is scarce.

"The crossing is 200 meters further down. When senior citizens or families get off the bus and want to go to the supermarket on the opposite side, they don’t walk such a detour", says ralf neundorfer.

For the police, caspersmeyerstrasse is not considered "accident-prone. The speed limit of 30 km/h is regularly monitored by the local authorities and by the police. "For example, we were at the 22. September there", makes ines schellmann clear. And according to steffen schutzwohl, speed measurements are taken every five weeks on average.

Grune demand more speed cameras

Resident neundorfer cannot understand that. "But caspersmayerstrabe is maybe three kilometers long. If they flash at the bottom, it doesn’t really reflect the situation here."

The grunes bamberg/odp/volt faction advocates an expansion of speed measurements in the city area in its fubganger program.

"Since speeding is a frequent cause of accidents, we are requesting an expansion of municipal speed monitoring to protect people walking on foot, who are the weakest traffic participants", it says in a corresponding application of 29. September.

"For this purpose, the available quota of hours is to be increased from the current 140 to 280 measuring hours, and new measuring points are to be decided by the mobility senate."

Meanwhile, in caspersmeyerstrabe, adults and children are still painting posters that will be displayed at 10-meter intervals on saturday. "We are interested in safe pedestrian traffic and that drivers keep to the speed limit of 30 km/h", said the chairman, emphasizes ralf neundorfer.

He praised the bamberg city bus drivers, almost all of whom obeyed the speed limit and thus slowed down the drivers behind them. "But some simply overtake the moving bus, making it even more dangerous."