Hoffenheim does not want to be “awestruck” against bayern

Hoffenheim does not want to be 'awestruck' against bayern

After jumping to third place in the table, 1899 hoffenheim now faces the challenge of FC bayern in a light-hearted, happy and self-confident mood.

"We’re all up for this game and won’t be awestruck," promised manager alexander rosen ahead of the kraichgauer’s next bundesliga top match in munich on saturday. TSG put in another strong performance in the 1-0 (1-0) win over hertha BSC; euphoria is growing at the 2008 surprise champions.

After the fifth win in a row, julian nagelsmann was once again able to laugh. Since taking over in february, he has scored 42 points in 23 games and has to be told time and again that only bayern munchen and borussia dortmund were more successful in the so-called nagelsmann table, i.E. In the period in question. At 29, the youngest first division coach has turned a relegation candidate into a contender for international glory.

"We’re going there to be successful," said nagelsmann about the next challenge at the champions and explained: "in terms of content, it’s a very complex game, psychologically not so much. From a psychological point of view, fubball-deutschland doesn’t expect so much from us."

The only time the hopeheimers have managed five successive trebles was in the fabulous promotion season of 2008/09 under ralf rangnick. Now TSG is showing great tempofubball again and recorded 24 shots on goal against hertha, but also loved to miss many chances. Only young international niklas sule scored a header for his still unbeaten team (31 goals). Minute). "We have an outstanding squad, a super team. If we continue like this, it can be a good season," said sule.

A small scene in front of 28,015 spectators at the rhein-neckar-arena in sinsheim showed what makes the "nagelsmanners" tick. Shortly after halftime, when the team had lost its superiority for a few minutes, the head coach called kevin vogt to the sidelines and explained to him that he would now have to play in front of the defensive chain because a hole had opened up there. From then on, the hosts were in control of hertha again.

"We don’t win by chance, there’s also a plan behind it," vogt explained. "We get many things from the coach to the hand. We know how the opponent plays and how we want to play him."

Nagelsmann calls it adapting one’s own basic order. And this tactical flexibility is one of his strong points. The other secrets of success? "We are defending very stably, much better than in the first three games," said the head coach. And: his team makes fewer mistakes in its own possession. The mood factor is also crucial. Nagelsmann makes sure that as many players as possible – if they are convincing in training – make their appearances. This is how steven zuber and benjamin huber last made it from the tribune into the starting eleven. Newcomers sandro wagner, kerem demirbay, lukas rupp and vogt have made an impact anyway.

"We play super fubball and are all willing to get better," said captain sebastian rudy. Rosen is looking forward to the game in munich – and is sure that the team will feel the same way. "It’s going to be a great game. It’s great to go to munich in a situation like that and say: hey, let’s give it a try against the very best!"