The two new players are old friends

The two new players are old friends

Fans can now look forward to seeing two new faces in the bavarian league handball team of turnerschaft herzogenaurach. That is, both sarah stephan and luisa frank are not entirely new, but rather two new old ones: 20-year-old stephan comes from the TSH's handball youth team, where she was a competitive player until 2009. When her team split up, she moved to hc erlangen, where she was not only able to develop in all sporting aspects, but was also quite successful with the B-youth on the state level and two years later became bavarian champion with the A-youth in spring 2012.

Technically very well trained
The following games in the german championship finals belonged to her as well as to her then and now again current teammate tanja kuffner the most impressive sporting highlights to date. Whereas left-hander kuffner immediately joined TSH after moving to the senior section in the summer of 2012, her counterpart on the left wing initially followed some other players who switched to haspo bayreuth. But this path has now become too tiring for her and so the left-footed girl is looking for a new challenge this year with her original club.

"I want to get as many games as possible, develop my athletic skills and, above all, help the team as much as possible, gives the likeable sarah stephan as her goal. Her coach also believes that she can achieve the latter: "she is technically very well trained, can be used in both forward positions and with her stature can probably also make an impact in the backcourt for some time, hopes trainer udo hermannstadter.

When luisa frank left the team in the summer of 2011 erlangen to TSH, there was much to suggest that the tall player could take over the role of the unforgotten goalkeeper tina muller in the medium term. As a central cover player, she was an integral part of the TS team after only a few weeks, while in attack she lacked only the necessary confidence for distance throws. But no sooner had she really found her feet than her participation was interrupted by a torn cruciate ligament.

This generally serious injury caused frank to suffer for an unusually long time, because when she returned to training nine months later, she also had meniscus problems in the damaged knee. A new intervention was unsuccessful, and last winter she decided to take a break from competitive handball in order to do justice to her professional training. At the same time, luisa tried to counteract the knee problem with conservative measures, so successfully that now – exactly two years later – she is trying to make a new athletic start. As a member of her team, she was never lost, but was always on the bench for about 20 months and was an important part of the team's integration. So everyone at TSH hopes that she will be able to work her way back up and that this time she will be spared any serious injuries.